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About Me

I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and it was there, along with a couple of summers spent in the Great North Woods, that I acquired my love of the great outdoors.


After moving to Virginia, I immediately fell for the natural beauty in this lovely slice of paradise. I am incredibly fortunate to live a stone's throw away from the Chesapeake Bay, and also a short walk from First Landing State Park. Because I spend every minute I can outside, I am continually treated to photo opportunities of the natural and scenic kind.


Most of my photos are moments of time captured right here along the shore, on the bay, and in other nearby natural areas, but I have additional scenes from my travels to other beautiful places. 

This child of nature captures moments in time while enjoying the great outdoors on walks, while kayaking and hiking.

You can find me on Facebook at J Glynn Winters Photographs and learn about my upcoming local events and local venues at which I have photographs displayed.

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